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20242024 by H. Berkeley Rourke
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A Haunting Story of War and the Darkness of the Human Spirit!
This is a very interesting story, told in a post-war diary style. It sort of stressed me out with all of the battles, as I am certain it was intended to. The author takes the “old school” military mentality and uses it as a premise for the survival of his protagonists. It is reminiscent of the Viet Nam era veterans I grew up listening to. Of course, any military member from any time or branch will relate to the sense of duty and the defense of country and family.
I thought the author was spot on with how a nuclear war could be triggered and how clusters of militia could and would cause territorial wars within the different countries. I can’t say that I would have handled the NSI in the same manner as the book portrayed. During war, an act of treason is grounds for death. I felt the writer made his ruthless killers a little too forgiving towards those who surrendered. Still, I admire the goodness of his lead characters and the thirst they had for peace.
This was a very technical book in regards to the weapons and guerrilla warfare. I understood the story was consumed with battles because it paralleled the life that had become “normal” for the main man, Will. However, I found I wanted to know everyone on a more intimate level than I was allowed… at least until I realized that sense of disconnect and isolation was probably intentional in order to bring the feel of the war to life. I am sure the way Will and his family had to live felt very harsh and forsaken in many ways.
I recommend this book to anyone who enjoys military stories or war tales with tactical strategies and a sense of patriotism.

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