My Review of POLAR HEAT by Simone Beaudelaire

Polar HeatPolar Heat by Simone Beaudelaire
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Deep, romantic, engaging, and delightful!
I love the writing of Simone Beaudelaire! She writes such interesting characters and compelling tales, filled with steamy sex and romantic interludes! She definitely achieved excellence again with POLAR HEAT!
The complexity of the story was very engaging for me. I loved how she developed Riley, the main female protagonist in the story. She had a dark and surprising past which haunted her in a very unique way. I really enjoyed the depth of the different cultures from which Russ, the main male protagonist of the story, was raised. The clash of modern and traditional elements was well written.
Of course, the love scenes were steamy, as always! One thing I admire about the way Simone writes is that her sex scenes aren’t just random nor are they the focus of her tale. The romance is used to heighten the story and to bond the characters so they are very moving and tender, even when they are rugged and primal. In this particular book, I was delighted by the way the author presented the animal and human lusts and drives that created Russ. I enjoyed the way she melded the beast with his humanity, especially when it came to the shape-shifting aspect.
As always, this was well written and engaging. I literally read it in a day! I love Alaska, Native American culture, the myths and legends of shape-shifting, and of course, romance! This book exceeded my expectations and was an enjoyable read. I definitely recommend it to readers 18+!

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