My Interview with Ron Richards

You Wrote A Book About A Duck Decoy?

I wanted to introduce you to one of the new authors
with the independent publisher,
CREATIVIA, My friend and colleague, Ron Richards!
Ron is a charming and hilarious man.  His love for his family and the simple joys that life has to offer is just a refreshing blessing in this technologically controlled world of ours.  I admire his closeness to nature, his commitment to family, and his respect for the waterfowl he hunts.
Not everyone is in support of hunting, but everyone will love his new book,
I am pleased to have Ron in the “hot seat” and I just know you will be glad he took the time to allow me to interview him!
My Interview with Ron Richards
Thank you for taking the time to allow me to interview you.
I am really excited about your new release, HERONK and I look forward to reading it.  It sounds like it will be a really fun read!
·         As I do in all of my interviews, I would like to begin by asking you to describe yourself.
o   You will find me a jolly overweight grey to bald headed “distinguished looking” (aka OLD) man who has a fishing pole, a shotgun or rifle, or a steering wheel in his hands most of the time.  Married to the same wonderful woman for 47 years after going steady for 6 years, starting at age 16, and still madly in love.  Two great kids and wonderful “kid in law” who provided us two wonderful grandangels.
·         What motivated you to become a published author?  What did your journey entail and what advice would you offer to a new writer looking to publish?
o   In the beginning I had Big Dreams of writing a timeless novel.  Then I decided I’d really just like to write a book and get it published….and then….I realized I would have to self-publish as no one was interested.  I did self-pub and it was a tiny success.  I did end up in the black.
o   As to Heronk specifically, it all started on a day in a duck blind when nothing much was flying and I was a bit bored.  I was hunting alone and found myself talking to the decoys floating in the river in front of me.  As I realized what I was doing, I got to thinking……”What if a decoy could talk.”  Especially an old decoy that had been around and floated a few different rivers for a few different owners.  I had a pen with me and my checkbook…when I got done with writing “notes” that day, I was out of checks and deposit slips both.  Sadly, in a move or two, I lost my “notes”.
o   I heard about Creativia and Miika was kind enough to take on the project.
o   New writers have to be prepared for failure.  But that isn’t the end.  Keep firing and hope you find a company as good as Creativia to make your dreams come true.
·         Looking back, is there anything you would do differently if you were able to do so?  If so, what?
o   I wouldn’t change a thing.
·         I read that you wrote HERONK because you are an avid waterfowl hunter.  Does that mean ducks specifically or what different kinds of birds do you hunt?
o   I hunt about anything that flies and is legal game.  But my passion is waterfowl hunting.  Ducks and geese are the primary birds that I hunt.
·         You have said that you wrote your debut novel because there weren’t many novels about your passion, waterfowl hunting.  What led you to find such a passion for waterfowl hunting?  How did you originally get involved in the sport?
o   I suppose it was a combination of things that fueled my passion.  The fact that you have to decoy and call the birds into range.  Decoy “setting” is almost an art.  Calling is one for certain.  It is much easier to scare them away than to call them closer.  Building blinds is a work of love.  And finally, watching a good dog retrieve a bird is such a great feeling.  Especially if it is your dog and you have spent hours training him to do just that.  My Dad and older brother got me started in hunting and I just evolved into a waterfowl hunter.
·         You mentioned that you used to read books about waterfowl hunting and that you really missed reading them.  Can you share with us what books you read and which ones most influenced you?  I realize this is a loaded question and can be answered in a couple of ways, so I am specifically interested in knowing the following:
1.      Which books interested you as a reader?
o   Robert Ruark’s “The Old Man and the Boy” series in magazines and in book form.
2.      Which ones encouraged your love of the sport?
o   Robert Ruark’s “The Old Man and the Boy” series in magazines and in book form.
3.      What books or authors inspired you to write your own story?
o   I really think the fact that there are no more Robert Ruark type stories.  Almost everything written today about waterfowl hunting is a “how to” book.  I wanted to write an “I was here and I did this” book.  An entertaining book.
o   Gordon MacQuarrie’s waterfowl hunting books probably inspired me to write more than anyone else’s.  He was such an amazing author.  Anyone would enjoy his books…his humor is just the best!!!  His pathos and ethos are remarkable.
·         I read that you said your story was based on your own personal experienced from growing up along the Platte River.  Does your lead character, Gustav speak on your behalf or does he get entangled in some of the same adventures that you personally had or do you mean that the environment is the setting in which you were raised?
o   Yes.  (LOL)
·         Can you tell us a little about your youth?  What is your favorite memory from growing up along the Platte River?  How has the area you lived in changed since you were a kid?
o   As a kid we were free to roam along the river without having to pay much attention to whose land we were hunting on.  No one really cared as long as you did no damage and kept the gates closed.  Today, almost the entire Platte River from the Wyoming border to where it enters the Missouri River is either owned or leased by hunters.
·         You made a remark that your novel had a little “Kentucky Windage” in it.  Can you tell us what that means exactly?
o   To me, Kentucky Windage is that story that might be true and based on facts, but dimmed by memory.  Or, it might be a little white lie based on truths and facts.  Or, it might just be a big fat lie.
·         Where do you see yourself in five years?
o   Sitting in a duck blind with my son, grandson and granddaughter, listening to their chatter, while I prepare a three bypass breakfast on the cookstove in the blind.

Thank you so much for your time!
It has been a pleasure to speak with you and I wish you great success!

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