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Writers 2 Remember: Hunter S. Thompson

Writer who popularized Gonzo Journalism Hunter S. Thompson was an interesting man. Often a rebel, hunter had many clashes with authority, but his iconoclastic beliefs helped to guide him into the man he became. It shaped how he looked at the world and forged him into one of the forefathers of the New Journalism movement. His writing style lead to

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Writers 2 Remember: Margaret Sanger

Nurse who pioneered birth control Margaret Sanger is a lot of things… nurse, writer, sex educator, activist… Some praise her while others hate her. She is all too human, with good and bad ideas, both a product of her time as well as someone ahead of it. Why does Margaret Sanger matter? For me, I think she should matter to the

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Writers 2 Remember: Nellie Bly

First Ever Undercover Journalist Nellie Bly… that is a pen name because women were not supposed to exist outside the home in her era. Having been born Elizabeth Jane Cochran, she lived from May 5, 1864 until January 27, 1922, and became one of the first undercover journalists. She was more than just a pioneer, Nellie literally created investigative journalism[2]

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Writers 2 Remember: Ida B. Wells

American journalist, educator, suffragist, and early leader in the civil rights movement Ida B. Wells-Barnett lived from July 16, 1862 until March 25, 1931. This remarkable woman was actually born into slavery during the American Civil War, but she gained her freedom through the Emancipation Proclamation. She went on to become a teacher and eventually a journalist. While she co-owned and wrote

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Writers 2 Remember: Harriet Beecher Stowe

Bringing Light To The Dark Horrors Of Inhumanity Harriet Beecher Stowe lived from 1811 until 1896. This was an era when women were encouraged to remain silent – they were discouraged from having a public voice and could not vote nor hold public office. Imagine a female writer of this time not only publishing controversial work (because she believed her

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