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Literacy Through Music & Poetry

Did you know that music and poetry have walked hand-in-hand throughout time? Perhaps if you consider the minstrel it will be more evident. Did you know that rhythm in language helps develop readers? That’s right – it is an important part of literacy. In antiquity, poetry (which was the popular form of storytelling and communal entertainment) was put to music or sung. Today. FOLK poetry and FOLK

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Braille Literacy – Celebrate Reading

Braille… it isn’t a language, but a reading system that generally involves the use of both hands. Think about that for a moment. Writing is a way of representing language while braille is tool for allow visually impaired to read the written word. Is that as profound to you as it is to me? Humans have such a passion for

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JUST IN TIME FOR THE HOLIDAYS! STUDENTS IN TIME A book designed to bring history alive by critically-acclaimed mystery author, Terry Shepherd and cowrote with Jae Rose! Now out by Ramirez and Clark Publishers A fascinating companion to the 4th Grade History Curriculum, Students In Time brings history alive as Hudson and Maria join their teacher, Ms. Keefe to witness

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Library Lovers’ Day

 VALENTINE’S DAY IS FOR LIBRARIES, TOO! Happy Valentine’s Day, but more so, Happy Library Lovers’ Day! The month of February isn’t just for lovers.  Nope.  It is for readers.  It is National Library Lovers’ Month, and it hosts Library Lovers’ Day, as well.  Be sure to show your love and appreciation for the institutions that house such a wealth

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National Dictionary Day – Celebrate The Written Word!

 I LOVE WORDS! Communication and language are vital.  Language is considered to have four main aspects to it – reading, writing, listening, and speaking.  Literacy is meant to improve conditions for not only the individual and their community, but for society as a whole.  Isn’t this all the more reason we should celebrate great literature and the basis for such – the

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DID YOU KNOW – Little Golden Books

GIVING THE GIFT OF READING #DidYouKnow is a Blog Series on and   Little Golden Books were first available in 1942.  They were the first books published both at an affordable rate and a high-quality, making reading available in households of all economic levels.  It opened the doors to literature for children everywhere – a huge step toward world literacy. Little

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