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#BooksForTheHoliday – National Read a Book Day!

Though we celebrate National Book Lovers Day on August 9th, we observe National Read A Book Day on September 6th each year.  It is meant to not only encourage a love and enjoyment of literature, but also to bring awareness to the health benefits of reading. Learn more ABOUT THE HEALTH BENEFITSand find great BOOK SUGGESTIONS:

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September is Library Card Sign-up Month

You know how I love reading, libraries, and encourage literacy, so you know I am all in on this month’s celebration of all those things. Being a theatre kid and a singer, I am extra tickled with this year’s theme: LET YOUR IMAGINATION SINGAT THE LIBRARY! “A library card can be a rite of passage for your child, giving them

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September Is Disease Literacy Month

Knowledge is power and understanding about one’s chronic illness is vital. More so, it is an important aspect of the overall patient care. If you don’t know what’s happening with your body, you may not know the right things to tell your medical staff or what treatment options you have available or should attempt. September’s a time to encourage people

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Readers, Today’s National V-J Day

Though August 15, 1945 is when the officials announced the surrender of Japan, ending the second world war, they didn’t actually sign their surrender until September 2, 1945. We remember this important day because it brought peace after six horrific years of hellish conditions, which irrevocably altered our world forever. You can learn more as well as find GREAT BOOKS

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Meet Greta From Shooting Star

MEET MY CHARACTER Tell us about your story? What is the name of your book? SHOOTING STAR What genre is it? Mystery-Thriller When and where is your tale set? Santa Anita Park, an actual racetrack in California Who are you? What is your name? GRETA Are you a fictional or historical character? Fictional What’s your role in the story –

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