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Book Two in the Intern Diaries Series by DC Gomez

PLAGUE UNLEASHED The Intern Diaries Series continues by USA Today Best-selling author, DC Gomez Released by Gomez ExpeditionsThe book is available worldwide in digital and print format A disgruntled employee, sibling rivalry, and zombie attacks. Who said Texarkana was boring? I swear, I didn’t do it.It wasn’t me.I did not start the zombie-apocalypse in Texarkana.But I’m planning to find out

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Duatero by Brad C. Anderson

Brad C. Anderson’s searing far-future science fiction novel Duatero now available again in new edition from Shadowpaw Press Duatero by Vancouver author Brad C. Anderson, a searing far-future science fiction novel about the struggles of an abandoned human colony to survive on a hostile alien world, is back in print in a new edition from Shadowpaw Press after being orphaned

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HOT MOON by Alan Smale

HOT MOONApollo Rising Book One A WAR IN SPACE AS TOLD BY CRITICALLY ACCLAIMED AUTHOR, ALAN SMALE Set for release this July and published by CAEZIK SF & Fantasy, an imprint of Arc Manor Books!The novel will be available in eBook and print form across all platforms! “A nail-biting thriller.”−Publishers Weekly From the Sidewise Award-winning author of the acclaimed Clash of

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BARBARIANS OF THE BEYOND Classic Space Opera in the Jack Vance mode told by critically acclaimed science fiction novelist, Matthew Hughes Released by SpatterlightThe book is available worldwide in all formats “I really enjoyed Barbarians of the Beyond. Matthew Hughes does Jack Vance better than anyone except Jack himself.”  — George R. R. Martin Twenty years ago, five master criminals known

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My Book Review of The Way the World Ends (Warmer, #1)

The Way the World Ends by Jess Walter My rating: 4 of 5 stars Unexpected, yet Entertaining This was an unexpected story that blended do many important thoughts with the mundane of reality. I thought I’d more “telling” style and the intense topics would make it preachy, but that never happened. Instead, the take was quite entertaining. What I liked

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My Book Review of Emergency Skin (Forward collection)

Emergency Skin by N.K. Jemisin My rating: 5 of 5 stars Amazing View of Humanity Yes! Yes! Yes! Can we make this a reality? LOL I don’t want to give any spoilers, yet all I want is to chat about this story with other readers. It’s profound, intense, surprising… amazing! What I loved was Earth and who/what we had the

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