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My Book Review of Keeper of the Unicorn : A Dark Fantasy Short Story

Keeper of the Unicorns by Sahara Foley My rating: 5 of 5 stars This is such an interesting story. It is both entertaining and disturbing. As someone with OCD and having gone through cognitive behavioral therapy, the aspects about texture really resonate with me on an odd level. LOL What I like is how this story is so out-of-the-box. Nothing

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Richard H. Stephens’ DRAGON SECT

DRAGON SECTHighcliff Guardians Series Book Two A series within the Soul Forge Universe The series continues by critically acclaimed fantasy author and podcaster,Richard H. Stephens A novel in the Highcliff Guardians Epic Fantasy Series The Dragon Witch Wraith has returned. With the Grim Duke in his place, and a tentative pact with the wizard’s guild, the Queen of the Elves’

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Lost Daughters of Avalon – historical fiction from J. Lynn Else

Lost Daughters of AvalonAwakenings Book 2 The series continues with a wonderous sequel by Award-Winning historical fiction author, J. Lynn Else Released and published by Inklings PublishingThe book is available worldwide in paperback and e-format After not hearing anything from their knights in Avalon for weeks, the horrible Questing Beast breaks through into the world and attacks Genie, Beth, Mei,

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Andrya Bailey’s Olympian Heartbreak

OLYMPIAN HEARTBREAKOlympian Love Trilogy Book Two Love and passion dominate in this second volume of award-winning romance by critically acclaimed author, Andrya Bailey Released and published by Inklings Publishing, this book is available worldwide in paperback and e-format ★ 2018 New Apple Literary Summer Official Selection E-Book Award in Romance category ♥ After a whirlwind romance with the handsome Greek

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Book One of The Awakening Series by J. Lynn Else

Descendants of Avalon The first book in a stunning new series by Award-Winning author, J. Lynn Else Released and published by Inklings PublishingThe book is available worldwide in paperback and e-format Genie’s parents are divorcing. Her friends convince her they should all wish for them to stay together at the town’s fountain. Genie thinks it’s ridiculous, but what could it

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My Book Review of The Minnesota Iceman

The Minnesota Iceman by William Jevning My rating: 4 of 5 stars Interesting… Compelling Data Though there were many errors (some repeated text, missing punctuation, and issues with the formatting), I still enjoyed this book. At first, I was frustrated to discover that more than half the book was quoted from other sources. However, the truth is that it was

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