My Book Review of Time Lines

Time LinesTimes Lines by Karen J. Mossman
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Dr. Who Meets Quantum Leap

I was honored to edit this book for Karen. She is such an intuitive writer with incredible ideas, and this was one of the best yet. Time Lines brings together the old television versions of science fiction, as seen in shows such as Dr. Who, and updates them with a kiss of true science to rival, Quantum Leap.

What I love is the casual way the author presents a story while hiding such brilliance in the details. For example, she quietly notes something during one “trip,” but when you contrast it with another “trip,” you are amazed by the implications of that small detail. It is so easily missed and yet so beautifully incorporated.

I have had the privilege of watching Karen grow as an author, and I must say, she really impressed me with this book. It is interesting, witty, and at times, comical. She put her heart in it, which truly brings it to life. The characters are nicely developed and likeable people who you’d want to be friends with. You root for them as they face the struggles laid in their paths.

I highly recommend this book. It is a quick science fiction tale that will have you both thinking and feeling. Wonderful. It’s just what a reader loves in a book!

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