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How To Be a Goldfish by Jane Baird Warren

How To Be a Goldfish A compelling read about acceptance and understanding by critically acclaimed children’s author, Jane Baird Warren The book is published by Scholastic Canada and is available in paperback format Some family secrets feel too big to share… When her teacher assigns a family tree project for Parents’ Day, Lizzie knows it won’t be long until Scotch

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ABIGAIL by Daemon Manx

ABIGAIL! A book that combines Science Fiction and Horror into a place of twists and turns unimaginable by critically acclaimed horror author, Daemon Manx! The book is published by Last Waltz Publishing and is available worldwide in all formats Abigail is the continuing Science Fiction – SciFi – Horror story about Adrian Billard, a Gay man whose life gets turned

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The Nymphetamine Girls’ Lisette

MEET MY CHARACTER Tell us about your story: What is the name of your book? The Nymphetamine Girls What genre is it? Dark Romance / Erotica When and where is your tale set? Austin, Texas Who are you? What is your name? Lisette Genaris Are you a fictional or historical character? Fictional What’s your role in the story – are

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