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Readers’ Favorite Review of Boomer The Curious Bunny

Book Review by Astrid Iustulinfor Readers’ Favorite Meet Boomer who is a curious bunny. He lives in the forest with his less interested siblings. One day, Boomer sees a runner, decides to follow him, and finds himself in unknown places. What do you think he will do? Curious as he is, he decides to explore. What will Boomer see? First, he

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My Book Review of BOOMER The Curious Bunny

Boomer The Curious Bunny by Diann Floyd Boehm My rating: 5 of 5 stars Sweet Bunny Adventure It honored me to work on this title as an editor and publisher. What a blessing to see the creative talents of both author Diann Floyd Boehm and illustrator Judy Gaudet. And to witness how various children responded to this story firsthand was

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THAT’S #PUN-NY: Happy Easter

HAPPY EASTER!No matter what you celebrate or how, these are some fun jokes to make your day a little brighter.Enjoy your weekend and have a blessed week ahead, everyone. I hope you enjoy the book suggestions – I did some Easter and bunny-related titles.You never know what you’ll find on the shelves of a book store or in library –

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