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J.W. Goodwin’s By The Light of a Darkened Forest

Learn more about J.W. Goodwin in my author interview!
Learn more HERE about the book!
Meet the characters of misadventure through time, DARROW HARDSTONE and EVELYN ASHMORE, in these character interviews!
What J.W. Goodwin working on? Check out her WIP!

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Where The Wind Blows

Simone Beaudelaire has a new release!

The irresistible harmony between musicians creates a passionate symphony, but past discords and present clashes sour the melody. Can their love finally ring true?

When choir director Brooke Daniels catches the eye of handsome African-American opera singer Kenneth Hill, the harmony between them hits just the right note.

As their desires crescendo, Brooke’s troubled history threatens her ability to commit, while Kenneth’s loved ones question their interracial relationship. Torn between their growing love and external pressure, Brooke and Kenneth must delve deep into their hearts to discover what they truly desire. 

Will they succumb to discord, or allow their love to soar?

Note: This interracial contemporary romance contains graphic sex scenes.

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