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The newest adventure into horror by critically acclaimed author, Kev Harrison Released and published by Brigids Gate PressThe book is available worldwide in paperback and e-format Decades after his grandfather was buried alive in a Californian gold mine, Dr. Nick Jones teams up with an adventure travel influencer to venture underground and film a documentary, telling the story of what

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The Epic Urban Fantasy Continues!

ETERNITY’S MIRROR Book 2 of the Eternal Chronicles Series The newest novel by critically acclaimed author, Zachary Hagen Flip the coin and find a whole new world on the other side. The Circle is uniting the countries of Lux Terra. Elior, Nyx, and Opal are finding that some things have changed as the result of their adventures with Michael. Yrahkaz has

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REBOOTS: UNDEAD CAN DANCE A SPACE OPERA OF WILD PROPORTIONS BY THE CRITICALLY ACCLAIMED WRITING DUO OF MERCEDES LACKEY & CODY MARTIN! Released and published by Caezik Notables, a division of Arc Manor Books!The book will be available in digital and print! “Unfettered oddball entertainment.”—Publisher’s Weekly Say hello to Humph the Boggart, the principled, down-on-his-luck private detective, Skinny Jim the

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Eternal Chronicles Book 1

ETERNITY’S WELLBy: Zachary Hagen When you lose family, friends, and country, how far is too far? Elior watched as his twin brother, the only real family he had left run into a building as it disappeared. Nyx, a cursed merman, watched as his father and best friend were killed in front of him. Opal’s father died leaving her with a

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My Review of Shifting Identities by Cris and Clare Meyer

Shifting Identities by Clare Meyers My rating: 5 of 5 stars Wonderfully Masterminded This series just gets more impressive. The layers of plots & plans, character & story arcs, and detailing of magic & rituals is amazing. Everything is well thought out, plausible, and entertaining.The relationships between the characters and the back stories really come alive. They connect you more

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THE SPELLCAST GATEBook 5 of the Accessory To Magic Series  The Epic Urban Fantasy Continues from International Best-selling Author Kathrin Hutson Released and published by Exquisite Darkness Press.The book is available on June 24th worldwide in digital across all platforms. Two worlds collide. The light is gone. And the truth just doesn’t exist. Aided by the original Order of Laenmúr

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