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The Tangled Star by Edward Willett

Con-man, cop, and a talking cat who becomes a starship captain at the heart of twelfth novel for DAW Books by Saskatchewan author Edward Willett A con-man, a female cop on the moon with secret revolutionary leanings, and a genetically modified, AI-uplifted talking cat who eventually becomes a starship captain are at the heart of The Tangled Stars, the twelfth

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THE BEST OF EDWARD LERNER: A TESTAMENT TO ONE THE INNOVATORS AND LEADERS IN THE SCIENCE FICTION GENRE Released by ReAnimus Press!Available in e-book and print form across all platforms! Here are the gems! The gateway to the many worlds of Edward M. Lerner! While you probably know Ed from his SF novels, including the InterstellarNet series and the epic

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Book One of The TIME BINDER Series By Andrea Faye Christians

SUSPENSION BOOK ONE OF THE TIME BINDER SERIES A Time Travel Tale of Epic Proportions by Andrea Faye Christians Released and published by Lucid House Publishing!The book is available worldwide in paperback and e-book. An unexpected time travel tale.  When Carla Thompson falls asleep and doesn’t wake up, she is shocked to discover what destiny has in store for her.

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Talking With Critically-acclaimed Author W.L. Hawkin

My Interview with W.L. HAWKIN! Each of us has a story to tell.  As a reader, I cannot wait to get my hands on the next book.  As a writer, I burst with excitement to fill the pages with the next tale.  One thing I love is to share conversations with others who are just as passionate to exchange all

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To Kill a King: A Hollystone Mystery Book 4

Book Spotlight What is the title of your book? To Kill a King: A Hollystone Mystery Book 4 What is the story about? This is a story about an archaeologist named Sorcha O’Hallorhan, who time-travels to Ancient Ireland. There, she meets Ruairi Mac Nia, a handsome man she knows will be inaugurated as king, and then deposed and ritually murdered.

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