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Richard Paolinelli’s GALEN’S BLADE

GALEN’S BLADEA STARQUEST 4TH AGE ADVENTURE The Journey continues!!!!! By Dragon Award Finalist, Richard Paolinelli Released and published by Tuscany Bay Books!The book is available digitally in all platforms! The journey of Galen Dwyn continues in the second book of the Starquest 4th Age series. While Dwyn lies in stasis, recovering from his injuries in his stand against Harmool’s fleet,

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My Book Review of Sunset Distortion: The Pyramid at the End of the World

Sunset Distortion: The Pyramid at the End of the World by Paul Bahou My rating: 4 of 5 stars Surprising Read I’m an avid reader, who doesn’t limit my genre. This book is a perfect example of why – it’s a bit of a gem. When I first picked it up, I had my doubts. I love aliens, but space

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UNITED VIDDEN: Fern Brady’s Epic Space Opera

United Vidden The first book in the Thyreins Galactic Wall Series A debut space opera sparkling with an imagined futureby the founder of Inklings Publishing, Fern Brady Released and published by Inklings PublishingThe book is available worldwide in paperback and e-format Shattered by her father’s decision to deny her the throne as the first female heir of Dravidia, Princess Verena

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THE NEWEST NOVEL BY CRITICALLY ACCLAIMED AUTHOR MILES CAMERON A fresh and zingy space opera for fans of Revenger by Alastair Reynolds, The Expanse by James S. A. Corey and The Lost Fleet novels by Jack Campbell Out in the darkness of space, something is targeting the Greatships. With their vast cargo holds and a crew that could fill a

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