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#DidYouKnow – Songwriting & Poetry

Did you know that songwriting and poetry both have rhythm, rhyme, or both? Both are intended to make their audience feel something. There are many styles to both, but they remain paralleled to one another, nonetheless. These two art forms have always walked hand-in-hand through time. Poetry was the most popular form of storytelling, and it was often put to

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Embracing The Tempest by D.A. Andrews

Embracing The Tempest A stunning second collection by poet D.A. Andrews The book is published by Squirrel House Publishing and is available worldwide in print format In the second collection from D.A. Andrews, author of To Fight Fire With Sun, the poet shares the lessons life has taught her with an audience sure to be spellbound by the strength of

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PRESS RELEASE: STAY by Katherine Lawrence

Award-winning middle-grade novel-in-verse by acclaimed Saskatoon poetKatherine Lawrence now available in new edition from Shadowpaw Press Stay, an award-winning middle-grade novel-in-verse by acclaimed Saskatoon poet Katherine Lawrence, orphaned by the demise of Coteau Books in 2020, is now back in print in a new edition from Regina’s Shadowpaw Press. Stay is being released under the company’s Reprise imprint, which focuses

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My Book Review of STAY

Stay by Katherine Lawrence My rating: 4 of 5 stars Interesting Prose, Heartfelt Tale This was a good story, which I think many tween readers will be able to relate to. Whether dealing with divorce or some sort of family separation, this book offers insight to children and parents alike. To be honest, I’m not certain about the format. Poetry

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My Book Review of To Fight Fire with Sun

To Fight Fire with Sun by D.A. Andrews My rating: 4 of 5 stars Modern Poetry Poetry is subjective. It’s symbolism can take new meaning with each read, which makes it such a fascinating art form. D.A. Andrews does a nice job of modernizing it while giving it an everyday style of language. What I liked was some of the

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