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THE OIL CHANGE: Grandpa’s Garage

Book Review by David Korson for Readers’ Favorite D.A. Northup shares the mechanics of an oil change thoroughly yet uncomplicatedly, always keeping safety at the forefront. Even though the characters’ descriptions are minimal, it is easy to picture them through the child’s curiosity and comprehension and through Grandpa’s wisdom and gentleness. Frequent images punctuate the narrative, offering glimpses of the tools and

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Readers’ Favorite Review of THE OIL CHANGE: Grandpa’s Garage

Book Review by David Korson for Readers’ Favorite The Oil Change by D.A. Northup offers a basic education on changing a vehicle’s motor oil, as experienced from a youngster’s perspective. During a visit with grandparents, the child is invited by Grandpa to assist with a routine oil change. The eager and helpful youngster gladly joins Grandpa. Inside the garage, the pair considers

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My Book Review of THE OIL CHANGE: Grandpa’s Garage

The Oil Change: Grandpa’s Garage by D.A. Northup My rating: 5 of 5 stars Memories & Learning Yes, addressing the elephant in the room, I did edit this book, and it was written by my amazing husband. However, anyone who knows me is aware of my values and the level to which I hold my standards. I probably scrutinized this

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Pre-Order Now – THE OIL CHANGE: Grandpa’s Garage

What adventures do you have when you visit your grandparents? When I visit mine, we do things I love, like having fun in Grandpa’s garage. This weekend, Grandpa is teaching me something new. He’s going to show me how to change the oil in his car.Have you ever done that before? Do you know what tools to use? I’m excited

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Julie’s Jewels – Get To Know Me

I have an author blog series on Norns Triad Publications‘s website (blog), called Julie’s Jewels. It is a regular feature I use to share tidbits about myself with readers. I offer book recommendations related to whatever topic I discuss, as well (I always try to keep things interesting and related to literature). Thinking you might be interested in these posts,

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