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Larougo: Book Two of The Uluru Legacy

The Legacy continues in the award winning second book of The Uluru Legacy Series. As new truths come to light, and new evils make themselves known, not everyone will survive. The vision for a new Colony is at stake as Amelia and Roan discover they’re part of something even larger than they thought. A delicious and compelling continuation of the

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 THE STUNNING AWARD-WINNING DEBUT MEMOIR BY CANADA’S OWN,MARILYN KRIETE  Released and published by Lucid House Publishing, this book is available worldwide in paperback and ebook! A restless child of the 1960s, Marilyn yearns for love, hippiedom, and escape from her mother’s control. At 14, she runs nearly a thousand miles away to Vancouver, British Columbia, eventually landing herself in a Catholic home for

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Year Of The What?

  A coming-of-age journey with empowering feminist intention by critically-acclaimed author and actress Jennifer Lieberman Released by Maple Mermaid Publishing Corporation this book is available worldwide in digital, print and audio across all platforms. More Sex, Less City! Six months after Dana’s first break-up she is single and heartbroken in New York City. At 25 she is a virgin once removed

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AUTHOR SHANE WILSON’S SPECTACULAR JOURNEY THROUGH MUSIC AND MAGIC  Released and published by GenZ Publishing, this book is available worldwide, in digital and print across all platforms! ‘When he opened his eyes, the room was full of chaotic visions’ – Prelude to a life  When TJ—a musical prodigy—witnesses a traumatic event as a child, his senses are overrun with intense hallucinations.

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MIRANDA OH’s Novel – JUST BREATHE: Chin Up Tits Out

JUST BREATHE: CHIN UP TITS OUT The series finale By Canada’s own, MirandaOH! Set for release and published by Tuscany Bay Books Sold through Amazon internationally in eBook and Print Format   Continuing the saga of Hadley, recently divorced and wending her way down the path of life in anticipation of her rapidly approaching 30th birthday as a single woman.

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