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National Celiac Disease Awareness Day

September 13th is National Celiac Disease Awareness Day. We celebrate it this day because it is Dr. Samuel Gee’s birthday. He was born in the UK on September 13, 1839 and is noted for writing the first paper documenting celiac disease. It was titled, On the Coeliac Affection, which was published in 1888. Currently, there is no cure for celiac disease. The

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National Pain Awareness Month

I felt this observance was important. Not only because it is personal to me, but also, it should be personal to everyone. Let’s face it, we ALL know someone who lives with chronic illness and/or pain. Increased awareness will increase kindness even if you don’t understand the technical or medical aspects of things. Isn’t that what it’s really about? Trying

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Today is World Introvert Day

World introvert day is meant to bring awareness and understanding. It is about educating people as to what it means to be an introvert… and for me, I’d like to add empath. No, I don’t mean something supernatural. It is someone much more inline with an introvert in terms of psychology. The biggest thing about an introvert (and empath) is

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Runaway Husbands by International Psychotherapist Vikki Stark

Runaway Husbands The Abandoned Wife’s Guide to Recovery and Renewal An in-depth healing strategy for women whose lives have been turned upside down due to Wife Abandonment Syndrome by international psychotherapist Vikki Stark The book is published by Green Light Press and is available in print and e-book format Based on a study of over 400 women worldwide, Runaway Husbands:

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What If You Could? by Lynne Harley

Alberta Author, Lynne Harley bikes across Canada with her new book in support of Mental Health!! Camrose author, Lynne Harley is biking across Canada to promote her newest book, What If You Could in support of mental health with a substantial goal of $100,000 to be raised and donated to Jack.org, an organization whose testament is to improve youth mental

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Mental illness/disorders have often been misunderstood throughout history. Even now, with our modern technology and medical science, there is much to be learned. More so, there’s still a lot of work for the negative perceptions about mental illness to be overcome so the stigma associated with it no longer prevents proper diagnosis or treatment.

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