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My Book Review of Bunny in a Basket (Doc McStuffins)

Bunny in a Basket by Sheila Sweeny Higginson My rating: 5 of 5 stars So cute! I read this with my granddaughter, and she loved it. She asked to read it again, and again – and then, asked her mom to read it. What a lovely way to instill the appreciation for literature. Great artistry. Wonderful that the peek-a-boo made

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Mental illness/disorders have often been misunderstood throughout history. Even now, with our modern technology and medical science, there is much to be learned. More so, there’s still a lot of work for the negative perceptions about mental illness to be overcome so the stigma associated with it no longer prevents proper diagnosis or treatment.

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It’s National Tell A Fairy Tale Day

Fairy tales… they are part of our oral histories – myths and legends. Often, there’s a spark of truth woven into the fabric of the stories. Though we don’t hold the same standards today as we once had, fairy tales were often used to teach morals or some kind of lesson. They were frequently used as guides for how children

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Early February Celebrates World Read Aloud Day

Reading Aloud Builds Literacy During early February, over 173 countries now celebrate what the non-profit organization LitWorld created in 2010. This holiday – event – observance is sponsored by Scholastic each year, and this year, we celebrate it on February 2nd. In honor of this celebration, Scholastic is hosting a FREE virtual event from Jan 31st through Feb 2nd and they’ve put together

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