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My Book Review of Courage: Find Your Fire and Ignite Action in Your Life

Courage: Find Your Fire and Ignite Action in Your Life by Glenda Benevides My rating: 3 of 5 stars Empowering Though Sometimes Muddled I found this book to be positive and empowering. However, I struggled with it because often the message was muddled. For example, at one point, the author writes: “Freedom is not present if you say ‘no.’” Then,

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September Is Disease Literacy Month

Knowledge is power and understanding about one’s chronic illness is vital. More so, it is an important aspect of the overall patient care. If you don’t know what’s happening with your body, you may not know the right things to tell your medical staff or what treatment options you have available or should attempt. September’s a time to encourage people

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Reading For The Soul!

Take time to pamper yourself. Self-care is something we often overlook in our busy lives. Too many times, we feel guilty for taking what we need for fear of being selfish. Still, the truth is, we have to have balance in life. If you keep giving, eventually there’s nothing left. You must take time to replenish yourself. That is why

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