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My Book Review of Daughter of Hades

Daughter of Hades: Book 1 of the Love & Peace Series by Mack Little My rating: 5 of 5 stars Delightful Historical Fiction Containing Horrendous Atrocities This story is very powerful. There are many disturbing things, but true to history, sadly. The author breeches them with grace and even made the lewd endurable. What I appreciate greatly was the author

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The Nymphetamine Girls

Book Spotlight What is the title of your book? The Nymphetamine Girls – available March 1, 2022 in both ebook and paperback What is the story about? Two girls, in search of outside validation via social media to escape the loss of their parents. Truly it is a search for a true self, of growing up, and the mistakes we

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The Nymphetamine Girls’ Lisette

MEET MY CHARACTER Tell us about your story: What is the name of your book? The Nymphetamine Girls What genre is it? Dark Romance / Erotica When and where is your tale set? Austin, Texas Who are you? What is your name? Lisette Genaris Are you a fictional or historical character? Fictional What’s your role in the story – are

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