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Richard H. Stephens’ DRAGON SECT

DRAGON SECTHighcliff Guardians Series Book Two A series within the Soul Forge Universe The series continues by critically acclaimed fantasy author and podcaster,Richard H. Stephens A novel in the Highcliff Guardians Epic Fantasy Series The Dragon Witch Wraith has returned. With the Grim Duke in his place, and a tentative pact with the wizard’s guild, the Queen of the Elves’

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The Nymphetamine Girls’ Lisette

MEET MY CHARACTER Tell us about your story: What is the name of your book? The Nymphetamine Girls What genre is it? Dark Romance / Erotica When and where is your tale set? Austin, Texas Who are you? What is your name? Lisette Genaris Are you a fictional or historical character? Fictional What’s your role in the story – are

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Highcliff Guardians – Book One

KEEPER OF THE JEWEL Highcliff Guardians Series Book One A series within the Soul Forge Universe A new series release for fantasy author and podcaster, Richard H. Stephens A novel in the Highcliff Guardians Epic Fantasy Series Something evil lurks beneath the palace. A phantasm from a darker past makes its presence known to Khae Wys, Queen of the Elves.

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YA Literary Fiction From Lorna Schultz Nicholson

When You Least Expect It A change in direction for critically-acclaimed Children and Young Adult author, Lorna Schultz Nicholson Released on November 15th in Print by Red Deer Press How long can Holly keep her secrets? Avid competitive rower Holly is seventeen. There is nothing she wishes for more than to compete in the Olympics. When she fails to make

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YEAR OF THE WHAT? by Jennifer Lieberman

A coming-of-age journey with empowering feminist intention bycritically acclaimed author and actress Jennifer Lieberman Released by Maple Mermaid Publishing Corporation,this book is available worldwide in digital, print and audio across all platforms. More Sex, Less City! Six months after Dana’s first break-up she is single and heartbroken in New York City. At 25 she is a virgin once removed and

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In The Key of Nira Ghani

In The Key of Nira Ghani The Award-Winning Novel by Natasha Deen A Guyanese girl must find the balance between her parents’ “old world” expectations and traditions while pursuing her dream of being a great trumpeter in this contemporary, coming-of-age story. Nira Ghani has always dreamed of becoming a musician. Her Guyanese parents, however, have big plans for her to

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