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How to Live Like a Monk: Medieval Wisdom for Modern Life

HOW TO LIVE LIKE A MONK: MEDIEVAL WISDOM FOR MODERN LIFE How medieval monastic practices―with their emphasis on a healthy soul, mind, and body―can inspire us to live fuller lives today We know that they prayed, sang, and wore long robes, but what was it really like to be a monk? Though monastic living may seem unimaginable to us moderns,

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The Power of Healing Factors Within

YOU HEALING YOU A book that truly demonstrates the power of healing factors within all of us!Written by Dr. Teresa Cody as she explains the magic that is Platelet Rich Plasma!!! Published by C & C Publishing and available in paperback and e-book format              Everyone Has This Priceless Gift — BUT most Never Discover It! Come learn how each

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Reading For The Soul!

Take time to pamper yourself. Self-care is something we often overlook in our busy lives. Too many times, we feel guilty for taking what we need for fear of being selfish. Still, the truth is, we have to have balance in life. If you keep giving, eventually there’s nothing left. You must take time to replenish yourself. That is why

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