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Dominion by John L. Ford

DOMINION An escape into the analogy of Artificial Intelligence by critically acclaimed science fiction author, John Ford! Released and published by Rockhill PublishingThe book is available worldwide in paperback and e-format Where the corrosive power of time failed, Dominion begins. Unable to wear down the chains of grief left in the wake of losing her and stuck in the quagmire

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The Backside of Hades (Deadwood Undertaker Series Book 4)

THE BACKSIDE OF HADES! Book 4 of the Deadwood Undertaker Series The Saga Continues by the All-Star Duo of USA TODAY Bestselling Author Ann Charles and Sam Lucky! The book is available worldwide in digital and print format “This here place? Worse than the backside of Hades.” – Hank Varney First let me say, this here trip to Slagton weren’t

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The Emir’s Falcon by Matt Hughes

Award-winning author Matt Hughes’ YA outdoor adventure tale set in the Swan Hills of Alberta now available from Shadowpaw Press The Emir’s Falcon, an exciting new young adult tale of outdoor adventure by award-winning Canadian author Matt (Matthew) Hughes, is now available in print, ebook, and audiobook editions from Saskatchewan publisher Shadowpaw Press Premiere. “The novella evolved out of a

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Spaceball: A Fantastic Soccer Journey through Space and Time

Spaceball!! A fantastic soccer journey through space and time brought to you by critically acclaimed children’s author Matthew Bennett Young The book is published by Compton Press and is available worldwide in paperback Do you Love Soccer? Do you also dream of scoring the Greatest Goal in The History of Everything? Find out how it’s done in this thrilling soccer

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My Book Review of Oware Mosaic

Oware Mosaic by Nzondi My rating: 4 of 5 stars Creative Tech Dystopian This is an original spin on some existing concepts. A creative story bringing together pieces of Star Trek, Hunger Games, and True Blood/Soosie Stackhouse. Overall, I enjoyed this story. It had lots of action and intrigue. I found Xo and Lamp a believeable dynamic. The unique blend

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My Book Review of Daughter of Hades

Daughter of Hades: Book 1 of the Love & Peace Series by Mack Little My rating: 5 of 5 stars Delightful Historical Fiction Containing Horrendous Atrocities This story is very powerful. There are many disturbing things, but true to history, sadly. The author breeches them with grace and even made the lewd endurable. What I appreciate greatly was the author

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