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Readers’ Favorite Review of Boomer The Curious Bunny

Book Review by Astrid Iustulinfor Readers’ Favorite Meet Boomer who is a curious bunny. He lives in the forest with his less interested siblings. One day, Boomer sees a runner, decides to follow him, and finds himself in unknown places. What do you think he will do? Curious as he is, he decides to explore. What will Boomer see? First, he

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Nightmare Storm by Sahara Foley

New Sci-Fi Horror Short Dream or reality. When do the lines cross? Ever since he came back from ‘Nam, he’s had trouble sleeping. Even his girlfriend’s red robe, hanging on the back of the bedroom door, has become his nemesis. One night, during the worst thunderstorm in Omaha’s history, he has a visitor. He denies it’s possible. How can it

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My Book Review of Time Lines

Times Lines by Karen J. Mossman My rating: 5 of 5 stars Dr. Who Meets Quantum Leap I was honored to edit this book for Karen. She is such an intuitive writer with incredible ideas, and this was one of the best yet. Time Lines brings together the old television versions of science fiction, as seen in shows such as

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My Book Review of Nightmare Storm

Nightmare Storm by Sahara Foley My rating: 5 of 5 stars Disturbingly Haunting I like psychological tales that make you question reality, and this story does that. It has disturbing elements from sources that ought to be mundane, but somehow aren’t. Or are they? Viewing the world from inside the rattled mind of the protagonist, you can feel the storm

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