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Charles E. Taylor – The 1st AMT

On May 24th, the United States celebrates National Aviation Maintenance Technician Day. This may not seem all that exciting, and might appear completely unrelated to Charles Edward Taylor, but both are misconceptions. See, this unique day of remembrance isn’t just special for aviation – it is important for all inventors, mechanics, engineers, and historians. Furthermore, it’s Charlie‘s birthday! You’re probably asking who Charles

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Phoebe Omlie – The 1st Female AMT

Aviation Maintenance Technician Day is celebrated on May 24th, which is the birthday of the man who invented the first aircraft engine, Charles E. Taylor). In honor of this day, I wanted to recognize an amazing woman – Phoebe Jane Fairgrave Omlie (November 21, 1902 – July 17, 1975).  She is someone to be celebrated and remembered not simply because she is the first female

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My Book Review of The Hello Girls: America’s First Women Soldiers

The Hello Girls: America’s First Women Soldiers by Elizabeth Cobbs My rating: 5 of 5 stars Heartbreaking, Eye-opening, & Informative As a female veteran, this book really resonated with me. It’s because of women like those commemorated in this novel that I can vote and be recognized for my own service to my country. The hardships & battles they endured

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Trends In Scholarly Communication

Guest Blog by Sean Dorris This is a guest blog. The information has NOT been verified by J.M. Northup. Readers are encouraged to do their own research. With the development of internet and digital communications, the ecosystem of scholarly communications has undergone a massive change. In this article, we describe the emerging trends in scholarly communication: 1. Upstream movement of

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Amelia Earhart Day

Most people know that Amelia Earhart was a famous aviator, but they are not award that she was also a bestselling author. We celebrate the National Amelia Earhart Day on her birthday – July 24th, 1897. We do so because of the amazing accomplishments she achieved (as listed by Newsweek): The first woman to fly solo above 14,000 feet The first woman to fly

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Did You Know – Phoebe Omlie

 The First Female To Receive An Aircraft Mechanic’s License #DidYouKnow is a Blog Series on and   Aviation Maintenance Technician Day is celebrated on May 24th each year.  This is because it’s Charles E. Taylor‘s birthday, and he invented the first aircraft engine, effectively making him the first aircraft mechanic.  This, of course, brings us to Phoebe Jane Fairgrave Omlie, who happens to be the first

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