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September Is Disease Literacy Month

Knowledge is power and understanding about one’s chronic illness is vital. More so, it is an important aspect of the overall patient care. If you don’t know what’s happening with your body, you may not know the right things to tell your medical staff or what treatment options you have available or should attempt. September’s a time to encourage people

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An In-depth Look at the Transitions of Life through Poetry and Prose

PASSAGES Death.  Dementia. And Everything in Between An in-depth look at the transitions of life through Poetry and ProseBy family physician and critically acclaimed author, H.M. Gooden Life is full of surprises; full of laughter, love, and losses. This collection explores the transitions between highs and lows through poetry and prose. May you find the words on these pages as

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DID YOU KNOW – Karl Landsteiner

The Man Who Discovered The Major Human Blood Groups #DidYouKnow is a Blog Series on and   Karl Landsteiner was born June 14, 1868, and since he discovered the major groups in human blood in 1901, World Blood Donor Day is celebrated on his birthday.  This is also the achievement for which he won the Nobel Prize for Physiology or Medicine in 1930. Though Karl Landsteiner‘s paper

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