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Blond vs Blonde

Grammatical gender is found in most languages though it has been mostly removed from the English language. However, there are still some remnants of it. We see this with Blond and Blonde. Grammarly does a great job simplifying this: “When describing males, you would use blond: He is blond. You can add an E to blond when you describe females:

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Do I Need A Comma Before A Name?

Often, writers struggle with commas. It begins in elementary school when we are told a “rule of thumb” that seems to become ingrained in our minds: when you read aloud, if you pause, use a comma. However, there are truly hard rules to commas, and what we were initially told is not accurate. One place of note is when dealing

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Farther vs Further

Generally speaking, FARTHER is used when discussing only true DISTANCE and FURTHER is used when measuring FIGURATIVE DISTANCE. However, that isn’t completely true. Why? Well, let’s discuss it. Both FARTHER and FURTHER can be use as adverbs (modifies a verb, adverb, adjective, or phrase) and adjectives (modifies a noun or pronoun). When used in comparative (and superlative) forms, there really

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The Structure of A Paragraph

Most writers know how to structure a paragraph. It is similar to the overall structure of a paper. You have the opening/main idea, supporting sentences, and closing. Or, as puts it: Transition, topic sentence, supporting sentences, and conclusion (you can read more from them here). Now, what many seem to struggle with is when to begin a new sentence,

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Make Your Own Break: How To Record & Publish Your Audiobook In 7 Simple Steps

A how-to look into audiobook publishing by critically-acclaimedauthor and actress Jennifer Lieberman Released by Maple Mermaid Publishing Corporation,this book is available worldwide in digital, print and audio across all platforms. “Make Your Own Break: How to Record & Publish Your Audiobook in Seven Simple Steps” is a simple and straightforward ‘how to’ guide for self-published authors and explains how to

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