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Mental illness/disorders have often been misunderstood throughout history. Even now, with our modern technology and medical science, there is much to be learned. More so, there’s still a lot of work for the negative perceptions about mental illness to be overcome so the stigma associated with it no longer prevents proper diagnosis or treatment.

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The Windsor Method

The secret behind all great artists is how they practice. The Windsor Method: The Principles of Solo Training is the self-help book for people who want to add years to their life and life to their years.In this refreshingly straight-forward and gentle guide, bestselling author and world-renowned historical swordsmanship instructor Dr. Guy Windsor lays out the fundamental principles behind personal

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Travis and Cyndy Barnes tell their story of hope and inspiration after rebounding from tragedy! The book is available worldwide across all platforms! If you fear you may be about to hit rock bottom—whether compounded by personal tragedy, inner turmoil, or drug abuse, then fitness entrepreneur Travis Barnes’s latest book, Journey Fitness, will give you the hope and inspiration to never

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