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Winston: The Well-dressed Wombat

Winston:The Well-dressed Wombat A new direction for Award-Winning Young Adult FantasyAuthor, Jenna Greene Winston the Wombat loves to share what he knows, how to clothe all his friends wherever he goes.Take a fun little journey with Winston to see, all the dressing suggestions he gives out for free. MORE FROM JENNA GREENE: Seven times marked. One way out… From birth,

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Book 2 of the Reborn Marks Series

The Red Queen meets The Hunger Games InRENEWBook 2 of the Reborn Marks Series Read Renew to find out if being branded a reborn is a myth, a curse…or a destiny. Haunted by memories of those left behind, Lexil and Finn are forced to venture back into the Wastelands. The Unclaimed Cities are not the idyllic setting Lexil, Finn, and Ceera thought it would

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A New Cat Book That Saves Lives!!!!!!!

TEDDY LOSES HIS EARS A story dedicated to raise awareness to organizations that save thousands of animals lives every year!!! Published by Tellwell Talent and available in paperback and hardcover!! Teddy is a rescue cat who lost his ears from frostbite. Teddy has inspired a series of stories with his true-life adventures that share relatable messages of kindness and acceptance.

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