Julie’s Jewels – Get To Know Me

I have an author blog series on Norns Triad Publications‘s website (blog), called Julie’s Jewels. It is a regular feature I use to share tidbits about myself with readers. I offer book recommendations related to whatever topic I discuss, as well (I always try to keep things interesting and related to literature).

Thinking you might be interested in these posts, I decided to share a few. If you enjoy them, please subscribe to receive them all.

Julie’s Jewels – Should You Blame The Editor?

by J.M. Northup | May 28, 2023 
This month, I wanted to do something a little different. I thought it would be nice to share my thoughts as a professional writer, editor, and publisher. After all, the point of Julie’s Jewels is for my readers to get to know me better, and I cannot think of…

Julie’s Jewels – Inspiring Young Readers

by J.M. Northup | Apr 14, 2023 
Reading was not easy for me. I was a sickly child, who missed a lot of school and ended up having to take extra classes to learn my phonics. Though intelligent, I read out loud to retain data and I’ve…

Julie’s Jewels – End of An Era

by J.M. Northup | Sep 29, 2022 
I am unapologetically an Anglophile and a big reason for that is because of HM Queen Elizabeth II. As a human, woman, and leader, she has inspired me with her selflessness, dedication, and integrity. It saddens me greatly that the world has lost her, but how blessed…

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