May 16th is National Biographer’s Day

“Learning from the experiences of others is what makes us human.”

National Biographer’s Day is celebrated on May 16th because it was the day Samuel Johnson met James Boswell in London, England during 1763. Together, the wrote what is recognized as the earliest modern biography, The Life of Samuel Johnson by James Boswell.

Biographies are one of the most important areas of study. They are meant to teach us about human history through the acts of influential people. They are intended to give us perspective about how we developed as individuals, a community, countries, and a world. More so, they are meant to help us grow so we can learn from past mistakes to become better than we have been and more than we currently are.

National Biographer’s Day (May 16) – Activities and How to Celebrate National Biographer’s Day

“The meeting between Johnson and Boswell eventually led to the publication of one of the most famous biographies in English literature. James Boswell’s research and narrative style has set the standard for biographers as his biography of Johnson is considered one of the finest in the English language.”

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