Today is World Introvert Day

World introvert day is meant to bring awareness and understanding. It is about educating people as to what it means to be an introvert… and for me, I’d like to add empath. No, I don’t mean something supernatural. It is someone much more inline with an introvert in terms of psychology.

The biggest thing about an introvert (and empath) is that they recharge their batteries in silence. They need to have calm and often seek solitude to rekindle their fires. This can confuse some people because not all introverts are the typical quiet, studious, and contemplative type.

Here are some resources to help you understand better:

I am both an introvert and empath, making me hypersensitive to my environment – and I am OCD on top of that. Often, people don’t recognize this in me because my anxiety can take over in social situations, making me a chatty Cathy. They don’t seem to notice when my anxiety makes me clam up, but isn’t that the point of being a wallflower? LOL Either way, being social on any level required me days to recharge. Why? Simple – I am truly an introvert.

Often, I struggle with socialization. I am a homebody and rarely leave my comfort zone. I want to be invited to parties, concerts, and events… I just don’t want you to be offended when I don’t actually attended. When I do show up, please understand how significant that is and what it says about your place in my life. The energy it takes for me to get the gumption up to partake means you are important to me. It is no small feat. I don’t tell you that for any reason other than giving you insight, so you can understand others in your life who are like me.

More often than you know, what you take for granted is a huge undertaking for someone else. It doesn’t have to be financial. It can be an emotional or mental toll… and they may hide it better than anyone realizes.


  • Happy new year and happy introverts day.

    I am a bit of an introvert, I need space and silence. But I can occasionally be an extrovert in the right circumstances. But generally quiet

      I think that is the thing most don’t realize… Introverts can be outgoing, but find healing through calm, quiet, and isolation. How you recharge your batteries ultimately defines you as “introvert” or “extrovert.” Also, introversion doesn’t mean you dislike people or being involved in activities. They just take a lot out of you and you tend to need to “recover” from them. LOL
      Often, for every day that I spend being extrovert (a.k.a. social) I need at least 3 days of down time to recharge.

      • I just love the way you put this. how we recharge our batteries, and how much time we need . Lovely to meet another introvert.

        I have been struggling with a mix of things, confidence, shyness, introverted especially when i was younger, and now last 6 years working on all of this, I embrace me being an introvert – nothing wrong with it. It such an important thing .

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