My Book Review of Charlie and the Tire Swing: How it Began

tire swingCharlie and the Tire Swing: How it Began by Diann Floyd Boehm
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

What A Loving Legacy

This tale is loving and warm. There’s a charming legacy of simple joys in life – of the ones that truly help us to grow and unite. In it, there’s a beauty that will reveal itself differently at various stages one’s life.

The generations in the story each had part in connecting to the tree, leading up to the tire swing. I felt those stages could be related to by the readers based on where they were in their lives. This will make the book a unique read each time it’s revisited.

I recommend this title for middle grade readers and up. It could certainly be read as a bedtime story, but I think most littles will lose interest in the mature story and focus on the illustrations instead. I could see it being something they grow into – becoming a special story shared between families as their child grows. That could be a really magical experience!
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