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My Book Review of There’s No Place Like Home (Warmer collection)

There's No Place Like Home (Warmer collection)There’s No Place Like Home by Edan Lepucki
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

A Tale of Hope Despite Loss

Even in the darkness of the story, I found a sense of hope. Somehow, despite the terrible loss and conditions, connections were made and kindness expressed. It was like stars shining on a moonless night.

I liked Vic. Her curiosity, her acceptance, and her forgiveness. She seemed to understand her dire circumstances, yet she did more than just survive them – she seemed to make the best of them. She took each moment for what it was.

I didn’t like Lawrence. He was a selfish person who didn’t deserve the women in his life. In the end, he was a coward, who put himself before even his child.

This was a quick read, but it evoked emotions. The author painted a vivid picture, which was realistic as much as depressing. Still, I was left with a sense of a new beginning instead of an ending. Very interesting…
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