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An Interview With A Vampire Guy – Rich Davis

My Interview with RICH DAVIS!

I know you are a very busy man.  The fact it is the holiday season only adds to an already hectic schedule – thank you so much for taking time to allow me to introduce you to my readers.  It is a pleasure!

“I’m just a kid from a small town in Middle Tennessee who worked hard and got really, really lucky! Seriously, there’s nothing special about me. It’s insane to me that so many people all over the world are reading my comics. People treat me like I’m something special, but it wasn’t so long ago that I was just a nerdy kid geeking out at comi-con just like them.”

I have several projects coming down the pike. Rise of Dracula is the six issue sequel to Cult of Dracula. I realized about midway through writing Rise that I couldn’t tell this story in just six issues. We’ve decided to extend the saga to four volumes from the previously announced three. There are some others that haven’t been announced just yet.

Again, thank you for sharing your time with me and my readers.  Happy holidays and may you continue to have great success!

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