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Talking With International Bestseller, Anna J. Walner

My Interview with ANNA J. WALNER!

I enjoy meeting other creative minds and learning about the journey writers have taken to become published authors.  I think we all have interesting stories to tell, and I am thankful to be able to help share them.  Thank you for joining us and allowing me to help share yours!

I’m a single mom, a voracious writer, and an International Bestseller.

Vanessa Morris is the pen name under which ‘The Nymphetamine Girls’ is published. The book deals with some very intense topics, which are rarely talked about and should be.

There are several things that I’m working on at the moment. The last book in the series, of course, but Vanessa Morris will be releasing ‘The Nymphetamine Girls’ in March of next year, and the third book in the series will release as Anna J Walner in May as well. So, a very busy Spring to next year.

Thank you again for meeting with me.  I appreciate your time, talents, and friendship.  Best of success always!

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