The Killer on the Heath (The Cassidy Newbold, Clairvoyant Collection Book 1)The Killer on the Heath by Karen J. Mossman
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I had the pleasure of editing this book. I found that Karen J. Mossman, as a developing author, uses a mix of classical writing styles with modern – starting with a setup to the story with tantalizing bits to intrigue you into what’s to come. She, also, has a lovely blend of detail with a desire of leaving enough of the tale to the reader’s imagination to make it a personal experience.

The story crescendos as the excitement amps up with the growth of the tale and case (as a thriller should). I’m not a big fan of the romance with Pedro, but it has an interesting link with the overall plot and Chantelle’s investigation. The affects this relationship has on Cassie, herself, is the most valuable aspect – more so than Pedro’s familial link to his sister.

I love the historical references from the region as well as the bond between Cassie & Seb. I think this is a great lead into this series and jumping point for these characters to be introduced. I am excited to see how they mature and what new adventures Mrs. Mossman takes them on next!

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