Invisible No More; Invincible Forever More


International Best Seller, Invisible No More; Invincible Forever More, became the #1 Inspirational new release on Amazon just eight hours after its release! It is filled with the personal and profound stories of twenty-nine amazing women from all over the world. They each share how they felt invisible, became empowered, then took the journey and faced their challenges, overcoming, so they would be seen. These heart and soul-grabbing testimonies offer hope and motivation for readers everywhere to start their journey toward healing.

Invisible No More; Invincible Forever More, was born out of inspiration and a desire to collaborate with other women to bring a powerful message to the world. No one needs to feel invisible anymore. It is time to speak up about your life and the challenges you have been through, so we might all know our invincibility!

“Our stories are about hope, inspiration, motivation, and encouragement. Great book to review and talk about for Suicide Prevention week and month and any other mental health awareness. Helping people to speak up and out so they can heal is invaluable.”

                                                            —Lynda Sunshine West, inspirer of this amazing collaboration.

“Looking back, that invisible girl would never have imagined doing all that she has done. She could have stayed buried forever, but within each of us lies an internal power and strength. No one has the real power to take that away. And at the heart of every human is the desire to be heard and acknowledged. We buy into a false belief system when we are not sure of who we are on the inside. Through my growth, I learned that weight is a physical protection for our emotions, and it does not define who or what we are. I am now invincible forevermore. Sometimes it takes awhile to find the brilliance which is within each of us.”

Mary Elizabeth Jackson, collaborative author in Invisible No More; Invincible Forever More.

All proceeds go to support 501(c)(3) Dress for Success

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