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People of the Songtrail by W. Michael GearPeople of the Songtrail (North America’s Forgotten Past, #22) by W. Michael GearKathleen O’Neal Gear


Theresa‘s review – Dec 11, 2014
It was amazing


People of the Songtrail by W. Michael Gear, Kathleen O’Neal Gear

ISBN 0765337258 (ISBN13: 9780765337252)
Published May 26th 2015

You would think they could not do it again, but the W. Michael and Kathleen O’neal Gear have accomplished again another tale to amaze their readers. They have created another set of characters that you feel a heart-deep connection.

The reader struggles with the characters against impossible odds, deadly and diverse problems that make you hold your breath striving with the character to find a solution. The story of the connections and interactions between the Vikings and the people of Hvitramannaland (People of the Songtrail) has depth and magic beyond my imagination. The melding of the belief systems the interaction of three diverse religions makes the context of this story a literary wonder.

The characters Thyra, Kiran, Vethild, Thorlak, Chieftain Gunnar, Asson , Chief Drona, Ewinon, Camtac, and Podebeek make your spirit feel the struggle that this conflict of cultures would have produced. The seamless story makes the reader feel that they are seeing this diverse conflict of culture and people real.

You struggle with the heroic ideology of Kiran and his new religion (Christianity) as he comes to grips with the wonder and magic of the Norse beliefs, and that of the People of the Songtrail. Thyra sends the reader into a tailspin as you follow her tragic story, of betrayal and lost becoming a Thrall to the man who took her from her loving mother. Thorlak’s desperate grab for power and wealth beyond him, his driving nature make him a fearful and deadly enemy. The resigned struggle of Asson a Kutsitualit (special kind of holy people who have only one hip bone) of the People of the Songtrail, how he tries to protect his friends and people from the on slot of war and devastation brought to their shores by a people who do not understand or comprehend the depth of the world they have just set foot on.

I could continue to list nearly every character in wonder at their development and my emotional connection to them, but I figure it would be better if you’re to read it yourselves and see the wonder of the story on your own terms.

This book will add to the list of beloved titles, books, and treasured tomes of the Fans who desperately accumulate their stories and read them over and over again.

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