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As always, life threw some unexpected curve balls our way, and the plans Theresa & I had for integrating her book blog into my website didn’t go as smoothly as we hoped.  Still, we found a solution!

If you are looking for my dear friend and Top 10 Book reviewer, THERESA HULONGBAYAN’s Book Blog, you can link to her page and posts through links at the bottom of my home page or you can find her HERE!

37115738_10156471969147889_657898108239216640_nTheresa Hulongbayan is not only an avid reader and supporter of the literary arts, but she is ranked in the top 10 book reviewers for both the United States and Global listings!  Additionally, she is the administrator for several book/author fan groups, including Dinosaur lords, by Victor Milan, Kathleen O’Neal Gear and W. Michael Gear’s Facebook fan groups, and George R.R. Martin’s Wild Cards!
Well respected and highly loved by many, Theresa shares her love of the written word in this book blog.

I am honored to share my page with her, and to call her my friend!

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