My Book Review of CAST AWAY: For These Reasons: Economic Jihad

Cast Away: For These Reasons: Economic JihadCast Away: For These Reasons: Economic Jihad by Jo M. Sekimonyo
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Global Economics and the Governmental Structures Controlling It!
I received an ARC in exchange for an honest review.
A blend of thought-provoking quotes and a passionate desire to change the suppressive economic practices that encourage poverty. This book has merit and inspires the reader to take a hard look at the world around them. Though I appreciated what the author was saying and doing, this was a difficult read for me – it is most definitely not a “grab a cup of coffee and blanket to read with the cat” book – much deeper. The reason I found it hard to stay with had nothing to do with how it was written or the content, per se. No, for me, personally, it was because I lack interest in economics so it read more like a textbook from an editorial view.
The anthropological view of this book was more interesting to me than the governmental and economic scripts. Still, it left me feeling sad and frustrated. Despite the author’s suggestions for change, real life doesn’t work that way. I felt little and powerless though I believe the author’s intent was to wake me up and encourage me to act. I am certain my current disappointment in humanity hasn’t helped my emotional presence while reading this book either. I realize some may argue that is my issue and not the authors, and that my star rating should be higher. I disagree. The star rating is based on opinion. My opinion of this is book is that it’s good, but it is NOT one I would recommend to a casual reader. I WOULD, however, recommend it to readers interested in Humanities.
No matter your ideology or belief system, this is a smart read. Students of government, economics, sociology, and anthropology will find this a good book to have in their libraries!

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