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My Review of Brian L. Porter’s A MERSEY KILLING

A Mersey Killing: When Liverpool Rocked, And The Music Died by Brian L. Porter
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

An Intriguing Tale of Passions and Crime!

I really enjoyed the tragic story of Brendan Kane &The Planets and the beautiful Marie. The story was well laid out and believable, especially backed with real historical data. The transitions between the 1960’s and the turn of the millennium were well done and enriched the overall story.
I felt the premise of the tale was quite enthralling. Not only did it bring an age past back to life, commemorating incredible artists of the time, but it was an excellent read. The continuous twists and turns of the plot were both fascinating and delightful. I certainly recommend it!
If you love crime mysteries and suspense then this is a “must read!”

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